Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snowmaggedon and it's little brother

So, this past Friday and Saturday we had Snowmaggedon. The worst snowstorm in God-knows-how-many years. The second worst on record here in this area. I'm sure you've all read about it. Hell, even President Obama talked about this storm. Snowpocalypse. KaiserSnowze. Snowmaggedon. The Blizzard of 2010. The storm that caved in JMUmonty's fucking gazebo. Call it what you will.

Tonight, his not-so-little brother (or sister, I haven't checked to see if it has a thingy yet) is coming.

And like any good sequel, I have to give this storm a good sequel title. So here are my nominees. Feel free to chime in at the comment section:

Snowmaggedon 2
Snowmaggedon 2: The Temple of Doom
Snowmaggedon and the Chamber of Secrets
Snowmaggedon: The Plow Driver Strikes Back ( I like that one, because it can also be used as the sequel title for an Amish horror movie)
Snowmaggedon 2: The Spawning
Snomag-gaiden (look it up if you don't understand)
Snowmaggedon: Liberty City Stories
Dawn of the Snowmaggedon
Snowmaggedon II: The Adventure of Link
Son of Snowmaggedon
The Return of Snowmaggedon
Snowmaggedon Returns
Snowmaggedon, Too
The Chronicles of Snowmaggedon: Pitch White
Thirty Days of White
Snowmaggedon 2: Judgement Day
Snowmaggedon: The snowstorm who shagged me
Snowmaggedon: Escape from Guantanamo Bay
The Snowmaggedon Supremacy
Next Snowmaggedon
Meet the Snowmaggedon's
A Fistful of Snow
Snowmaggedon 2: The Meltdown
Snowmaggedon: Evolution
Snowmaggedon: Revenge of the fallen snow
Snowmaggedon 2: The Golden Army
Snowmaggedon Reloaded
Beyond Snowmaggedon

Please cast your vote or suggest others in the comment section below.