Thursday, February 11, 2010

Qik - Mobile video by jmumonty


  1. Awesome voice Monty. Mad video skilz!

  2. I actually have a morning radio voice, but that's not it. That's my I smoke a lot of cigars and just cleared a driveway in 15 degree weather voice. They are different.

  3. Hey now.
    Thanks for the lead on the video app. I wasn't turning in my phone because the new one CAME with the video.

    Oh. And I'm with Jen. Can't resist a 10 cigar a day voice.

  4. F8. Cigar voice is nice, right? And yes, with that app, video works well. I was JEALOUS of the new 3gs people, but like you, not willing to upgrade for that alone. I'm due for an upgrade this summer, so I'll get whatever the next new phone they release is.

    This app is cool, and actually allows you to live stream stuff to your qik website once you sign up. I'd link you to mine, but I've already posted porn on there, but just for me and my wife's personal use. I don't want it for "public consumption."

  5. Sure, but it's not as nice as my cigar voice.

    And hey - I just knew you liked putting long, round, fat things in your mouth.